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wow .. update lol

  hii hii whats up peoplesssssssss.. well lol i haven't written here in a few days lol... well this pass weekend was fun. sat. i just stayed home and relaxed and then on sunday shrimpie came over and we went to the movies at sunset place, it was good... we had had fun! and well am at work right now, bored! lol cant wait in till lunch time like  always! hmmmm oo yeaa , yesterday i went to the movies with carlos,michael, and shrimpie, went to see war of the worlds.. it was AWESOME i cried, like always! lol i always cry! lol i cried 2 times lolol..and shrimpie and carlos were laughing at me :( lol cuz i was crying, i cant help it!! lol  i cry in movies! i love crying in movies! lol anyways awesome awesome movie, i would see it again .. only the ending kinda sucked but the rest was GREAT! lol yuppp .. well what else can i say .. OO YEA CANT WAIT IN TILL THIS SAT. !!! oo oo oo party boat! lol bayside!... awesome .. lol am pretty sure ivi  cant wait! lol we been waiting to go dancing .. right lol?? lolol o yeaaa lol  i hope it doesn't rain!! lol that would suck! lol anyways and this sunday i'am going to sunset with shrimpie again, to see batman!! lol and..lets...see what else can i say..............  OO YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  I GOT PAID!!!!!!!!! oo yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa       happy happy day! lol romy is going shopping!! lol oo yeaaaaaaaaaaa 4th of july is coming up.. what are u guys planning?? i wanna go out! lol anyways i think am done!!!!!!! lolololol wow am kinda hyper!! i ate chocolate! lmao YUMMY lolol anyways this is the first time am hyper and am at work!  lol....



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